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ADH 727

Anaeroblc adhesive for sealing threaded fittings

7 good reasons for using ADH 727

  1. ADH 727 is an anaerobic mono-component adhesive.
  2. ADH 727 cures in the absence of air, between two metal surfaces with thin bond gaps.
  3. Allows a sealing and a resistance to the burst pressure of the connection after full curing.
  4. No risk of clogging the pipes.
  5. Resists to vibrations and temperature variations.
  6. Is an effective substitute of oakum and Teflon* tapes (trademark Dupont de Nemours).
  7. Possible orientation of fittings without risk of leak (possible to back off 1/4 turn during 10 mn). Can be dismantled with the classic tooling.



On hydraulic, pneumatic, water, gas and all automobile fluid fittings

Seal immediately up to 30 bars (up to 80 mm)



Profession :

Range :

Action : For sealing joints

Perfume or colour : couleur jaune orangée

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