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ADH 788 New

Anaerobic adhesive cylindrical retaining compound

7 good reasons for using ADH 788

  1. ADH 788 is a retaining compound which insures the stability of bearings, rings and cylindrical parts in casings or on shafts with gaps of up to 0.15 mm.
  2. ADH 788 is an anaerobic adhesive for filling internal spaces between the components and creating a tough precision assembly after curing.
  3. High and increased dynamic resistance to axial and radial pressures: for heavy load mountings.
  4. Reduced reliance on machining tolerance.
  5. Prevents corrosion and erosion.
  6. Even distribution of weight and pressure on seals.
  7. Strong bond and good resistance to high temperatures up to + 180°C.



Effective bonding of cylindrical parts such as: inserts, sleeves, rings, bearings, pulleys, sockets ….

ADH 788 is ideal for automobile repairs. Suitable for both press and slip fitted assemblies.




Profession :

Range :

Action : Fixer les éléments cylindriques

Perfume or colour : green

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