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Odour absorber & neutraliser

7 good reasons for using AIR PUR

  1. AIR PUR has be created and studied to neutralise all smells whether they are of animal, plant or industrial origin,
  2. Bad smells are caused by the decomposition of organic molecules in suspension in the air. The active principle evaporates and collides with the polluting agents in suspension and cleanses the air.
  3. The active principle modifies the intramolecular links of the malodorous organic molecules that it meets to create new stable and odourless complexes.
  4. AIR PUR gets to the heart of the smells though radical and irreversible modification of their molecular structure.
  5. Destroys all types of smells: smoke, dustbins, urine, cooking, pets, humidity, chemical and oil products …
  6. Practical: in sealed pot, one pot per room.
  7. 2 fragrances: marine and orange blossom.


Profession :

Range :

Action : For treating odours

Perfume or colour : 2 perfumes : Marine or orange blossom

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