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Dry vapour deodorising system

7 good reasons for using AIR STEAM

  1. AIR STEAM is an innovative deodorising system for treating large areas up to 2500m3.
  2. The AIR STEAM diffuser releases fragrance in the form of dry vapour (micro-nebulisation).
  3. For a powerful, uniform and persistent odorisation. Neutralises the smells.
  4. AIR STEAM BOX and AIR STEAM BOX XL come with a remote control.
  5. No dribbles or wet vapour.
  6. High quality fragrance; the fragrance BLUE WOOD is safe fo rthe user.
  7. The diffuser is plugged in and doesn’t need batteries.



Profession :

Range :

Action : For deodorising, For deodorising changing rooms, For treating odours

Perfume or colour : Blue wood, Mango-peach, Green tea

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