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Gel diffuser box for neutralising unpleasant smells

7 good reasons for using AIRGEL

  1. Polymerised gel tablet with a high concentration of active ingredients in a refillable diffuser.
  2. Diffuses active ingredients and neutralises completely smells of human, animal or vegetable origin and doedorises.
  3. EFFICIENT: lastes 1 to 3 months depending on ventilation and temperature conditions.
  4. Discrete, non mechanical diffuser box uses no electricity  ; can be used in all professional activities.
  5. Uses the induced air movements of doors or ventilation systems.
  6. Pleasant fragrances: 2 fragrances available: Fruity and Floral.
  7. Without propellant gas or propellant related humidity; diffuses immediately.



Sports halls, conference rooms, changing rooms, sanitation, underground containers, rubbish containers, halls, garages, organic waste storage premises.

Neutralises unpleasant and tenacious smells such as must, sweat, sanitation, compost, organic waste, faeces, urine, smoke….



Profession :

Range :

Action : For treating odours

Perfume or colour : Fruity and floral