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High temperature lubricant

7 good reasons for using ALBRIF

  1. ALBRIF is a high temperature aluminium-based lubricant.
  2. Antiseizing, anticorrosion, micronised bubricant.
  3. Complex with aluminium powder and extreme pressure components in a thickened mineral base with lithium soap.
  4. Excellent resistance to high temperatures up to 600 °C.
  5. Prevents corrosion and seizure of the assembled metallic parts of chemical, atmospheric or thermic origin. Prevents frictional heating between 2 moving parts.
  6. Enables easy dismantling without stripping threads and may be used to repair deteriorated threads without the use of taps and dies.
  7. Totally insoluble in water.



At high temperature: studs and cylinder head gaskets, bolts and joints of exhaust manifolds, bolts and joints of boiler lids, vapour joints, presses, flange joints, valves, distillers, nuts and bolts of rolling mills, bolts, gudgeons and oven feeders, gates on heating, turbines, compressors, gas generators, foundry ejectors, mould locking systems, hinges of cast iron, brakes stirrups. The threading of screwed parts or joints exposed to very high-temperatures during long periods are not affected by these temperatures and can be removed very easily, without seizing.

Assembly of exhaust systems in garages

At normal temperature: Mechanical furniture, toric joints, smooth bearings, lubrication of cables, spot welding machines, bolts, gudgeons and crane wheels, metallic structures, chains with buckets, naval and mining equipment. On damaged threading: makes up threads without the use of taps or screw plates.

Anticorrosion and rust inhibitor: protective cover for bolts, cables, chains and external equipment which is exposed to a corrosive atmosphere, in industry and the navy. Greasing of props


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