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Cleaning solvent

7 good reasons for using AQUASOLV

  1. AQUASOLV is an excellent degreaser for metal parts.
  2. Can be mixed with water in any proportions.
  3. Dissolves a large variety of substances such as grease, oil and resin.
  4. Excellent substitute for degreasing solvents, such as trichlorethylene, perchloroethylene, toluene or xylene. Does not contain chlorinated solvents.
  5. Safe use: no special classification for users or the environment.
  6. Neutral and universal (has a wide spectrum of efficiency, compatible with most materials and seals).
  7. May be used for cleaning surfaces in contact with foodstuffs (after rinsing).



Specially designed for degreasing metal parts  (preparation of surfaces before painting, glueing or any other applications…).

Dissolves grease from stored mechanical parts.

Dissolves marks from stickers and glue.

Technical fluid for degreasing operations.

Effective on fresh paint (with mechanical action): it is used as a coalescing agent and as a co-solvents in paints / solubilising action : subject to testing according to the type of polymer component in the paint (only on mono-component – acrylic or glycerophtalic type – doesn’t work on epoxy, polyurethanes). Can be used to clean paint application tools.



Profession :

Range :

Action : For degreasing, For degreasing mechanical parts in a fountain

Perfume or colour : colourless