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AR 7

Polish, surface protector

7 good reasons for using AR 7

  1. AR 7 is a long-lasting protector screen.
  2. Resists to dust, fingerprints, water, oil, insect stains and various marks.
  3. AR 7 stays transparent and does not go yellow with age.
  4. Does not contain abrasive substances or acid or wax. AR 7 is odourless and does not leave either residue, or greasy deposits.
  5. Economical: treated surfaces are easier to clean. A simple wipe with a dry and clean rag is enough for the surface to get back its original shine.
  6. Dust and marks disappear effortlessly and without a cleaning product.
  7. Can be used on all surfaces.


Profession :

Range :

Action : For polishing and protecting metal surfaces, wood…, For polishing and protecting windows, wood…

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