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Stiffening & deodorizing absorber

7 good reasons for using BIOSORB

  1. Double action: combination of expanded compounds with high absorption power and neutralises odours.
  2. Neutralises the weak acids (pH 2-3), its GREEN colour in neutral environment and YELLOW colour in acid environment, allows you to follow the reaction of neutralisation and to collect the waste safely.
  3. Absorbs all liquids by transforming them into semi-solid gel and allows you to collect the accidental fluid spills easily.
  4. Effective: absorbs up to 60 to 80 times its water volume.
  5. It has a fresh and pleasant eucalyptus fragrance.
  6. Ready to use.
  7. Easy to use thanks to its powdering bottle.



Facilitates the cleaning and the manipulation of excrement and vomit in a hygienic way.

Transport: planes, boats, trains, cars, buses …

Fire brigades, ambulances, taxis …

Food trade: hotels, restaurants, bars, night clubs…

Health: hospitals, private hospitals, nurseries, retirement homes …

Breeding: veterinary clinics, grooming salons, kennels … I

Maintenance: plumbers, repairmen to collect accidental water spills on carpets.

General maintenance: technical department, janitorial services (hall, bottom of bins,…).