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Black liquid waterproofing admixture

7 good reasons for using BLACK HYDRO

  1. Provides perfectly uniform coverage and very effective damp proofing of render and mortar compounds, thereby increasing resistance to freeze/thaw cycles.
  2. BLACK HYDRO renders the mixture water reellent and coloured. It may be used as a marker, to show the aera treated.
  3. As BLACK HYDRO is liquid, once added to the mixing water it mixes in perfectly.
  4. Additive with no noticeable effect on the hardening and resistance of concrete.
  5. The black marker used is more than 70% biodegradable within 28 days (OECD 303A).
  6. Has a plasticizing and water reduction secondary effect.
  7. Can be used in all constructions particularly exposed to bad weather, fresh, salt oru industrial water, or calcium sulphate.



With BLACK HYDRO, we can make waterproof concrete and mortar under water pressure accorting to D.T.U. (french standard Document Technique Unifi√© : standardised technical document):  All types of foundations, damp proof courses, buried conctructions, basins, concrete aprons, canals, industrial premises, reservoirs, cellers, swimming pools, food tanks, water treatment plants, masonry joints, facades, waterproof screeds.



Profession :

Range :

Action : For treating facades

Perfume or colour : Black

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