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Cement film cleaner biodegradable

7 good reasons for using CALCIM VG

  1. CALCIM VG, a new generation cleaner which radically eliminates fresh cement or concrete films, lime deposits and efflorescence marks.
  2. With particularly fine natural molecules which, once synergised, provide an excellent remover which acts as an etching agent for surfaces.
  3. CALCIM VG is much less dangerous than the other acid products on the market such as citric and phosphoric acids. Non-corrosive, non-irritating.
  4. Fulfils the various requirements users for safety during application, for efficiency, for the environment and to respect treated surfaces.
  5. Strongly reduces strongly the risk for the user. Does not require neutralisation after rinsing.
  6. Biodegradable at 90 %, it is totally harmless for all surfaces (does not attack glass, metal or plastic and does not corrode).
  7. Ready to use, easy and fast to apply.


Profession :

Range :

Action : For descaling pipes, For eliminating cement films and spills, For cleaning hulls

Vegetable-based, environmentally friendly