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Multi-purpose grease Calcium

7 good reasons for using CARGREEN

  1. CARGREEN is a multi-purpose green grease, made from mineral oil and anhydrous calcium soap.
  2. Resistance to high pressure.
  3. High resistance to temperature, high melting point.
  4. Grease resistant to water, suitable for use in a humid environment.
  5. Protects effectively against corrosion. Strong adhesion with the addition of polymer.
  6. Does not dry out.
  7. May be mixed with lithium or lithium/calcium based multi-purpose greases.



Adapted for equipment operating in extreme conditions. Less frequent greasing necessary.

It is therefore suitable for lubrifying rolling bearings, sliding bearings, linear slides…. for low to medium speeds, medium to high temperatures, medium to heavy loads in humid environment (agricultural machinery, construction machinery,…).




Profession :

Range :

Action : For greasing equipment, For lubricating axes and rails

Perfume or colour : verte

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