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Food contact grease, special for pellet presses

7 goods reasons for using CARLIM

  1. Excellente adhesion (anti-splashing) athigh rotation speeds.
  2. Highly resistant to pressures, loads and impacts.
  3. Indreased lubrication due to its very high-viscosity synthetic base.
  4. Enhanced anti-wear capacity.
  5. Totally insoluble in water and STEAM (High hygrometric environments).
  6. Considerable thermal and mechanical stability (elevated dropping point).
  7. Consistency suitable for all automatic greasing systems.



Specifically designed for use in agri-food industries and suitable for relatively strict and diverse lubrication: Bearings or single or double rollers, heavily loaded roller rows, pellet presses for animal feed.


For greasing compressor peddles of the main brands of pellet presses.  This grease is also suitable for:

- High-usage smooth bearings and subject to repeated vibrations or impacts.

- Articulations, chains, various movements in aqueous or semi-immersed environments (canneries, animal food processing, fish food industry, etc…)

- Slides and cams in agri-food industries.

- Open gears or permeable enclosed gear drives near bottling lines, packaging lines, bagging lines, ….



Profession :

Range :

Action : For lubricating axes and rails, For lubricating gears, For lubricating runners, For lubricating rails, For lubricating parts under high loads

Perfume or colour : Couleur blanche

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