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Black silicone seal

7 good reasons for use CARSIL

  1. CARSIL is a silicone-based elastic monocomponent mastic glue for bonding and sealing all materials.
  2. Multi-purpose: adheres to all types of materials: wood, chipboard, cork, plaster, glass, metal, PVC, steel…
  3. Resistant to oil, grease, aliphatic solvents, damp, diluted acids.
  4. Extrudable thanks to its compressed air pocket: can be used as a strip/beading or a thin coat, regular application by tilting the nozzle.
  5. Very flexible and resistant to vibrations.
  6. UVs and weather resistant. Resists to extreme temperatures: - 60°C to + 300°C.
  7. May be used indoor and outdoor.



TRANSPORT: heavy duty (transport companies, railway companies, boats, etc…), engine block seals, pump housings, valve covers, seals between body sheet metal…

CONSTRUCTION: Bonding and sealig electrical boxes, lamps…insulation of electrical wires.

INDUSTRY: Sealing and soundproofing of covers, housings, machined or not, even with significant differences of levels.



Profession :

Range :

Action : For waterproofing mechanical parts

Perfume or colour : Couleur noire

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