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Extreme pressure grease with Calcium Sulfonate

7 goods reasons for using CARTECH

  1. CARTECH is a calcium sulfonate complex which protects equipment and components against corrosion.
  2. Authorised for incidental food contact.
  3. Outstanding performance under extreme pressures (Welding load >800kg).
  4. Exceptional resistances to water wash-out.
  5. Oxidation, rust and corrosion resistant.
  6. Ensures effecient lubrification from -25°C to +140 °C .
  7. Excellent mechanical stability.



CARTECH is a leading multi-purpose grease for all industrial, agricultural, public works or marine equipment subjected to bad weather, heat, salty air, dust, compacts or heavy loads.

CARTECH is intended for use in industry and is suitable for use as a lubrificant in extreme conditions (pressure, temperature).

Recommended for greasing heavy loads on low or medium speed bearings (Wood pellet compression rollers used in the agri-food transformation industry).



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Action : For greasing equipment

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