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Soaked wipes for cleaning hands, onjects, equipment & surfaces

7 good reasons for using CLINGET

  1. Non-woven soaked wipes with a solution enriched with aloe vera and vitamin E to clean and degrease hands; not dangerous for skin.
  2. No-woven wipes.
  3. Two sided: a lightly abrasive surface and a soft surface.
  4. Saturated with a powerful cleaning solution.
  5. Mandarine pleasant fragrance.
  6. Eliminates gasoline and diesel oil smells on hands.
  7. Cleans most dirt on all surfaces and objects.



Wipes can be used everywhere, in factories, on building sites, in garages, on the road, on farms, on campsites.

Wipes clean and degrease hands, objects, machines.

Wipes remove oil, fat, tar, glue, fresh paints ink of the printers, pens and felt-tips, toner, gasoline and diesel oil smells....

Also allows you to clean the small oily machines.