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RBonding and sealing resin for mortar and concrete

7 good reasons for using COLLACRYL 1000

  1. Water-thinnable bonding and sealing resin, which strengthens concrete, mortar, render and plaster bonding on all surfaces, even the smoothest.
  2. Applied to a surface, it regulates the inherent porisity, promotes adherence and improves sealing.
  3. COLLACRYL 1000 is compatible will all cements and plasters.
  4. Added to the mixing water, it increases surface bonding.
  5. COLLACRYL 1000 improves water resistance and makes using cements easier.
  6. Reinforces mechanic resistance, controls cracking.
  7. Ensures the durability of your repairs.



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Action : Additive for mortar, plaster or cement, For laying tiles, For glueing and repairing

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