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Polyurethane black bi-component glue

7 good reasons for using COLTHANE

  1. Universal - COLTHANE is ideal for sticking and repairing any type of material: metal, plastic, rubber, concrete, stone, Perspex, PVC
  2. Fast-acting - hardening in 15 - 30 mins at room temperature.
  3. High traction resistance - 2600N / cm ².
  4. Can be drilled, sanded, tapped after 30 mins.
  5. Can be painted after 60 mins.
  6. Resist vibrations.
  7. Easy to use thanks to its applicator gun.




Repairs holes in bumpers and synthetic shields (with strengthening band). Sticks clips, mounting blocks behind bumpers and synthetic shields. Repairs and sticks spoilers, bumper skirts and synthetic radiator grills.


Repairs synthetic radiators, zamak parts, synthetic rear-view mirrors.


Repairs synthetic radiators, synthetic bumpers.

Repair and general maintenance

Replacement of TIG welding by sticking. Repair of non-weldable parts, junction boxes, zamak parts. Repairs of damaged conveyors and pipes. Pleasure craft, mechanized farming (Lawn mowers, landscaping equipment). Boat fittings (sticking and small repairs).


COLTHANE is the solution for the assembly of the boxes of air conditioning, junction boxes with a threaded rod if fixing rawl plugs.

Aluminium construction

Assembly of handles (Fixing of bolts) – to eliminate play on handles, fill with COLTHANE.

Sticks tabs (windows and doors) which are filled by a resin.

Fixes plugs in soft and porous stones (ytong, proton) for the assembly of windows and doors, porches .

Kitchen, sanitary facilities

Stick table mouldings, worktops, midway panels…, COLTHANE adheres on the polished granite perfectly, it is not necessary to sand beforehand.

The assembly of small objects in tiles, glass in the bathroom, toilet, kitchen… with COLTHANE, we mend holes in stone floors. Fixes heaters, radiators and other heavy parts on Ytong, Poroton and hollow walls in poor condition

Central heating

Repairs small leaks in radiators, repairs pipes or joints.



Profession :

Range :

Action : For glueing and repairing , For glueing windscreens, For glueing doors of cars, Repair radiators, synthetic bumpers, For reparing radiators, synthetic mirrors

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