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Cooked grease remover

7 good reasons for using DECAP GRIL

  1. EFFECTIVE: with its combination of alkaline agents, surfactants.
  2. TRIPLE ACTION: surfactants improve the penetrating and degreasing function of the product. The alkaline agents saponify and emulsify fat and carbonized fats.
  3. Eliminates burnt and dried layers of fat and the other organic matters.
  4. Very powerful remover and descaler of the oven walls, grills….
  5. Easy to rinse, without odour.
  6. Gel formula  - offers the best adherence to the surface.
  7. Can be used cold and on warm surfaces up to 70 ¬įC.


Profession :

Range :

Action : For removing cooked grease, For cleaning ovens and grills

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