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Vegetal form oil

7 good reasons for using DECOFRINE VG

  1. DECOFRINE VG is for deferred form removal, ready to use.
  2. To obtain a perfect finish of the surfaces. After removal, does not stain.
  3. Is applied by simple pulverizing. Totally insoluble in the water
  4. Eliminates the bond of cements, concretes, plasters.
  5. Good weather resistance.
  6. DECOFRINE VG is compatible with all the hydraulic binders and guarantees a high quality facing.
  7. Its formulation from oil and vegetable esters is free of solvents of petrol origin.



For the turning out of metallic, plasticized or wood formwork. Use for manufacturing paving stones, fence panels concrete pickets.

For protection equipment from projections of cement or plaster as well as any metallic surfaces against corrosion.

Particularly adapted for the new form panels, with stands steaming up to 40 °C and is used on most of the casings for the architectural concretes and in prefabrication.



Profession :

Range :

Action : For de-moulding formworks

Vegetable-based, environmentally friendly

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