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Penetrating lubricant

7 good reasons for using DEVIT

  1. Multi-function product 6 in 1.
  2. Penetrates: Without damage to threaded parts.
  3. Lubricates: very efficient thanks to immediate penetration and extreme mobility.
  4. Protects manufactured parts during storage and prevents the formation of oxide.
  5. Degreases mechanical parts, sheet steels, car engines…
  6. Displaces moisture: Hydrophobic
  7. Detares: dissolves every type of tar, asphalt.



Unblocks mechanisms, locks, bolts, nuts, screws, saws, studs, shafts, pulley hinges, faucets, rods, ...

Lubrication is slightly greasy. Cleans treated surfaces.

Degreases mechanical parts, sheet steels, car engines, trucks, chassis, public works equipment, farm machines, machine frameworks.

Dissolves tars, asphalts, bituminous mixtures, on the bottom of boxes, trucks chassis, skips.

Forms a hydrophobic protective film which prevents the penetration of water and humidity. Reduces rust.

Temporary protection for irons, cast irons and steels against rust, lasts for several days.

Prevents asphalt from sticking to the bottom of boxes, truck chassis and skips.


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