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Hydrocarbon cleaning

7 good reasons for using DISPOL VG

  1. The biosurfactants contained in this product emulsify hydrocarbons and strengthen the degreasing efficiency of DISPOL VG.
  2. An excellent degreaser, DISPOL VG is a cleaner containing natural active materials: biosurfactants, specific micro-organisms, surfactants made from renewable resources...
  3. Micro-organisms accelerate the hydrocarbon biodegradation and prepare the effluent for discharge.
  4. Effective for accidental spills of oils or hydrocarbons.
  5. Excellent cleaner and degreaser for petrol stations.
  6. Economical: water soluble ; can be used from 1% to 3%.
  7. Safe for users and the environment : no risk labelling.



Cleaning of accidental spills of oily products such as Fuel oils, diesel oil, oil on bitumen.

Use in loading areas, petrol stations, on display panels, on devices for tyre pressure, glove distributors, bins, car parks...

Oil storage depot: Clean truck filling areas

                              Clean floors after spills

                              Degrease pumps in the loading area

Engine cleaning: DISPOL VG goes on working in the decantation tank. The effluents are therefore treated.

Asbestos removal: Floor degreasing after use of MULBIO NG for levelling, 

                               Cleaning boot soles in the footbath before the exit area.



Profession :

Range :

Action : For cleaning workshop floors, For removing hydrocarbon marks

Vegetable-based, environmentally friendly

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