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Gel paint stripper

7 good reasons for using DK GREEN Gel

  1. DK GREEN Gel is a polyvalent gel remover, ready to use, composed of a mixture of organic solvents with activators and a rheological agent.
  2. Does not contain either chloride of methyl alcohol (DCM), or n-methylpyrrolidone (NMP), or acids, or caustic soda, or phtalates, or solvents naphta and other dangerous products for the environment.
  3. Gel : DK GREEN Gel applies to any surfaces even vertical with an excellent adhesion.
  4. Ready and easy to use, it is time-saving and is adapted to works requiring a good finish.
  5. Doesn’t damage most surfaces such as wood, concrete, aluminium and other metals.
  6. After complete evaporation of the product, is eliminated either by brushing, or by rinsing with water, according to the treated surface. The cleaned surfaces can be repainted immediately without secondary preparation.
  7. Economical : Use neat and cold. The product works alone without mechanical action.



Particularly adapted to thin coats: paints, glazes, glues and varnishes.

Use on most surfaces, wood, concrete, aluminium, metals …

Use in asbestos removal to remove paints.



Profession :

Range :

Action : For stripping blinds, windows and doors