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Liquid paint stripper

7 good reasons for using DK GREEN Liquide

  1. Multi-purpose: DK GREEN Liquide is effective on all acrylic, glycerophtalic and vinylic paints, varnishes, glazes …
  2. Chloride of Methyl alcohol free; it is a stripper which is as powerful as the chlorinated traditional products. Quick and deep action.
  3. Ready and easy to use, it allows you to make a considerable amount of time, and adapts to the works requiring a good finish.
  4. Doesn’t damage most surfaces such as wood, concrete, stone, brick …
  5. Without rinsing. After reaction of the product, it can be totally eliminated by brushing, or by rinsing with water, depending on the treated surface. We obtain dry residues.
  6. Cleaned surfaces can be repainted immediately without secondary preparation secondary.
  7. Economical: Is used by simply spraying or soaking, pure and cold.



On all the acrylic glycerophtalic, vinilic, epoxide, polyurethane paints, mono and bi-components, so on heat-crosslinked paints.

Can be used on most surfaces, wood, stone, brick, ceramic, glass, cement …



Profession :

Range :

Action : For stripping old furniture, For removing gelcoat on filters, For cleaning application equipment (resin)