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Paint & graffiti remover

7 good reasons for using DKAP VERT

  1. Multi-purpose: DKAP VERT is efficient on all acrylic, glycerophtalic, vinyl, polyurethane, mono and bi-components paints. After action, some paints do not blister but can removed easily with a scraper.
  2. Works on most graffiti and does not attack surfaces.
  3. Thixotropic gel, GREEN DKAP applies to all surfaces even vertical.
  4. Ready and easy to use, it is time-saving. Adapted to work requiring a good finish.
  5. Neutral on most surfaces such as wood, concrete, aluminium and all the metals.
  6. After action and complete evaporation of the product, is totally eliminated either by brushing.
  7. Can be used by spraying neat and cold but also by brushing.

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