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Pellet for dishwasher all in 1

7 good reasons for using FORCE 601

  1. Polyvalent: 1 only pellet for 6 uses: washing, rinsing, regenerating salt, descaling, glassware protective agents and machine protective agents.
  2. Washing-rinsing: Enzyme formula to eliminate dirt and organic stains easily (coffee, tea, tannin, starch…). Active from 50°C.
  3. Salt use: softens the washing water, prevents the calcareous deposits on your dishwasher (cloudy glasses). As useful in hard water as in fresh water.
  4. Protection of glass: guaranteed anti-corrosion effect on glass. Avoid the appearance of an irreversible whitish layer on the glass.
  5. Machine protection: ensures the protection and maintenance of your dishwasher.
  6. Descaler: unsticks the stubborn stains on dishes.
  7. Economical: pellet packaged individually (water-soluble film): one pellet per dishwasher cycle.

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