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Leak detector

7 good reasons for using FUITE 7

  1. FUITE 7 locates gaseous leaks on any circuits immediately.
  2. In compliance with the norm EN 14291 can be used at very low-temperature (up to ‚Äď15¬įC).
  3. Efficientdue to its formulation containing surfactants in aqueous phase.
  4. Multi-function for all types of gases except oxygen (Compressed air, hydrocarbons, CO2, nitrogen).
  5. Works by forming air bubbles and a very stable foam around the gas leak.
  6. Safety: Odourless, not irritating and with neutral pH, does not corrode.
  7. The aerosol is easy to use, safe and economical.


Profession :

Range :

Action : For detecting leaks in gas boilers

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