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Water repellent fluid & anticorrosion non-stick lubricant

7 good reasons for using HYPAC

  1. Repels and eliminates water and humidity from surfaces. ‚Äúwater-repellent‚ÄĚ quality.
  2. Forms a thin isolating watertight and protective film.
  3. Powerful anticorrosion capacity.
  4. Penetrates and infiltrates into the smallest pores and fissures.
  5. Can be used without danger on all electrical equipment (including high-voltage)*. Breakdown voltage complies with CEI standard 156: 60.000 V.
  6. Does not corrode paints, plastics or rubbers.
  7. Protects motors, electrical cables and equipment during asbestos removal.


Profession :

Range :

Action : For protecting bulbs of broken headlights, For protecting electrical equipment from humidity, For protecting engines from humidity, For protecting outboard and jet-ski motors, For protecting lawn mower motors against humidity


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