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Elastomer-bitumen coating for watertightness

7 good reasons for using IMPER ETANCH

  1. Elastomer-bitumen emulsion with high elasticity which supplies a waterproof coating for roofs.
  2. Thanks to its elasticity coefficient of 600 %, it can be used in the treatment of micro-cracks and surfaces in movement.
  3. Read to use, IMPER ETANCH is applied cold with a brush, a supple broom or a roller. After evaporation of the water contained in the emulsion, an elastic coating is formed without cracks, covering the whole saturated surface.
  4. Excellent adherence on dry surfaces, cement, render, roughcasting, masonries, metals, woods.
  5. Solvent free, can be used in closed premises without formation risks of toxic or flammable gases.
  6. IMPER ETANCH does not crack, resists to U.V rays.
  7. Waterproof, keeps its characteristics even in very different weather conditions (between - 25°C and +100°C).



Waterproofing: roofs, terraces, balconies, garages, underground construction and gutters.

Waterproofing: under floor tiles.

Renovation - Repair: roofs, terraces, roof tiles.

Protection - Insulation: rainwater and surface water, wet areas, sanitary facilities.

Capsulation of fibres: on site covering and blocking asbestos fibres on healthy surfaces.



Profession :

Range :

Action : For plugging flashing and ridges, Waterproofing

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