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Non-foaming degreaser for automatic floor-cleaners

7 good reasons for using LAVOXOL

  1. Excellent degreasing power thanks to numerous active ingredients.
  2. Diluted, use on painted surfaces.
  3. Mixes immediately with water and remains stable.
  4. Non-foaming formula: for automatic floor-cleaners with or without brushes.
  5. Eliminates all types of grease (animal, vegetable and mineral).
  6. Pleasant scent.
  7. Usable in food industry and livestock farming.



Developed specifically for the cleaning of the weak porosity and strongly polluted floors.

Degreased livestock buildings and materials.

Used on machines with brushes, auto-washers, scrubbing brushes, floor clothes and high-pressure equipment.

Eliminates wax, auto-polishing emulsions, oil, animal and vegetable fats, in industries, workshops, administrations and food industries.

Can be use in dilution on tiling, thermoplastics, plastics, cements, cement paints.