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Saturated cleaning wipes for smooth surfaces & hands

7 good reasons for using MANO WIPE

  1. Easy process for cleaning hands: No need for water, wiping or drying and without residue.
  2. A mix of vegetable solvents with powerful effect and an abrasive non-woven wipe for the cleaning.
  3. Lightly abrasive on one side, soft on the other.
  4. All components have been registered for food contact applications.
  5. Efficient on difficult grease, lubricants, oils, tar, asphalt, bitumen, ink…
  6. For cleaning smooth and non-porous surfaces.
  7. Not dangerous for the skin.



Field of application: the mechanical, automotive, navy, aeronautic industries; transport, public works, construction, plumbing, paints, the printing sector, technical departments, institutions, green space departments, food industry…

Efficient on classic stains and also hard grease: lubricants, glues, oils, tar, asphalt, bitumen, fresh paint, ink…

Can be used too on smooth surfaces such as: computers, faxes, white boards, the inside of cars, wheel rims, machines.

For the quick cleaning of all smooth and non-porous surfaces (tools, mechanical parts, worktops, bodywork …).



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Action : Hand hygiene, For cleaning surfaces