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Hand-wash gel for heavy soiling and paint

7 good reasons for using MANOV 2 & MANOV T 2

  1. Quick and efficient cleaning all dirt such as : paints, glues, varnishes, putties, resins, inks, sludges…
  2. Contains a mixture of 100% vegetable origin abrasives for a satisfactory abrasion and a ‚Äėmicro-brushing‚Äô action.
  3. Enriched with an emollient agent (almond oil) and an active component (vitamin E) and GLYCERIN, ALOE VERA (MANOV T2) to better respect the protective layers of epidermis.
  4. Smoothy and creamy texture.
  5. Leaves hands soft with a delicate fragrance of apple.
  6. Cleans hands gently and respects the epidermis.
  7. Ultimate biodegradability of surfactants more than 60 % (serie OECD 301) for MANOV 2.



Profession :

Range :

Action : Hand hygiene

Perfume or colour : Parfum Pomme

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