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Concentrated liquid for hand washing

7 good reasons for using MANU 70

  1. MANU 70 cleans all MARKS effectively such as: dirty oils, grease …
  2. Diluted, can also be used for frequent hand washing (offices, administrations, hotels).
  3. Economical: can be used neat or diluted up to 40 % in water while preserving its viscosity and its efficiency.
  4. Strengthened by a superfatting and skin-softening agent. Respects the protective coatings of the skin.
  5. Leaves the skin soft after use with a pleasant grapefruit fragrance.
  6. Does not contain an abrasive or solvent.
  7. Eliminates by simply rinsing with water.


Profession :

Range :

Action : Hand hygiene

Perfume or colour : Perfume grapefruit

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