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Machining degreaser for spraying machines

7 good reasons for using MEGALAV

  1. Deep cleaning. Emulsifies even the most resistant greases and oils.
  2. Intended for degreasing by spraying on metallic mechanical parts or electric motors.
  3. Totally free from components posing a risk to users, it contains no nitrites (toxic), no lye, no potash (corrosive), no solvents (flammable).
  4. Hot cleaning: can be used at temperatures of 35 to 70¬įC.
  5. Protects parts stored in sheltered areas without the need for further treatment and requires no rinsing.
  6. Immediately mixable with water due to its fluidity and contains the surfactants necessary for optimal degreasing. Totally safe for use before and after thermal treatment.
  7. Low-foaming product up to pressures of 3 - 4 bars; the required contact time for a good result is 2 to 5 minutes.



For industrial parts washer or spray washing tunnels for mechanical parts: Parts after machining, tools, motors, cutlery, nuts and bolts.

Degreases all metals without corroding the surface.


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