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Machining degreaser all metals for high pressure machines

7 good reasons for using MEGAPRESS

  1. MEGAPRESS is designed for degreasing by spraying on steel, cast iron, copper, aluminium and alloys, magnesium and titanium.
  2. Safe: it contains no components likely to cause a risk to the user. It contains no nitrites (toxic), lye, potassium (corrosive) or solvents (flammable).
  3. Economical, can be used at low temperatures (40 to 80¬įC), in low concentrations (5 to 10 % on average).
  4. Protects parts stored under shelter without the need for further treatment. No rinsing needed.
  5. Immediately mixable with water and contains the surfactants necessary for an optimal degreasing.
  6. Easy to use, low-foaming product.
  7. Can be used with pressures of up to 150 bars, with a contact time of 2 to 5 minutes.



For detergent washing-machines or high pressure washing-tunnels designed for mechanical parts: Parts after machining, tools, engines.



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Action : For degreasing machine components

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