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White grease with micronised PTFE

7 good reasons for using MICRO GREASE

  1. MICRO GREASE is a transparent clean grease with micronised PTFE.
  2. All components have been registered for food contact application (NSF).
  3. Resistant to warm and salty water, protects against corrosion.
  4. Does not contain chlorinated solvent, or silicone. Without fragrance.
  5. Offers long-lasting lubrication and protection.
  6. Resistant to temperatures from - 20 °C to + 200 °C peak.
  7. Decreases the phenomenon of heating, allows lubrication under high loads.



In industry, for the lubrication, the protection of hinges, guides, chains, slide channels, gearings and mean bearings at slow speed.

In the automobile activity, used for the lubrication and the protection of brake rods, clutch linkages, cables, hinges and locks, on cars or vehicles.

In food industry for the lubrication of numerous materials.


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