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Wall and levelling filler in light paste

7 good reasons for using MICROPLAST

  1. Ultra light paste for all repairs of walls and ceilings.
  2. Pratical: Ready to use for the filling and the levelling of all usual building surfaces; it can be used in thick or very thin layers.
  3. Esthetic: does not retract after drying, fills in one go run even large holes.
  4. Polyvalent: can be used inside and outside.
  5. Time saving: quick drying: can be painted over quickly.
  6. Economical: 1 kg MICROPLAST covers as much as 4 kg traditional filler.
  7. Resistant: no cracks and no bursting when nailed into.



Interior and exterior walls and ceilings: plaster, plasterboard, masonry, parging, cellular concrete, concrete, cement coating, window flashing, wood and derivatives…



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Action : For glueing and repairing , For filling holes