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Mastic glue for assembly & weatherproofing

7 good reasons for using MONOCOL

  1. Based on a polymer hybrid with a Silane finish.
  2. Does not contain silicone or Isocyanates.
  3. Does not stain, neutral and odourless.
  4. After quick polymerisation, can be painted and sanded.
  5. Excellent resistance to UV and temperatures (-40°C to + 90 °C).
  6. Optimal polymerisation and adhesion in contact with water. Keeps flexible.
  7. White colour: Authorized by IANESCO N°RE-07/03286 for the food industries.



Excellent adhesion without primer on supports such as concrete, bricks, stones, aluminium, epoxy covers, polyesters, steel, wood.

BONDING, WATERTIGHTNESS in industry and maintenance.

Numerous adhesion uses in construction, skirting, panels of insulation and for decoration.

Automotive: mechanized welding for body work, bonding, jointing of metallic parts and plastics: cars, caravans, finishing of spot-welded sheets, containers…

Technical departments: town hall, DDE (Departmental Direction of the Equipment), schools and high schools, retirement homes, hospitals…

Construction, Public Works: pipe connecting, pipes. Adapted to the installation of air conditioning system. Ideal for toilets and bathrooms.



Profession :

Range :

Action : For glueing marble, For glueing and repairing , For glueing doors of cars

Perfume or colour : 4 colours : white, grey, black, brown and transparent

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