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Tare removal ready to use

7 good reasons for using MULBIO NG

  1. With a very high degreasing capacity, dissolves fat, oil, on all surfaces.
  2. High tare removing power; eliminates most glues and inks.
  3. Vegetable based.
  4. Non-flammable, MULBIO NG eliminates all obligation of having to classify the ATEX zone according to the law of July 8th, 2003.
  5. Without V.O.C., MULBIO NG does not come under the law of May 19th, 2000 concerning the emissions of V.O.C. and by the decree 2002-680 concerning the authorization or the declaration of use with the authorities.
  6. Oil solvent free.
  7. Easy and ready to use.



Dissolves tar, oil, fats, grease oil effectively.

Removes tar intended to protect cables.

Removes inks on machines in the textile industry replacing chlorinated solvents.

Cleans and degreases tar tanks.

Degreases mechanical parts, car engines, heavy goods vehicle (HGV), chassis, vehicles of public works, farm tools.

Cleaning of machine and truck chassis, degreasing of steel sheet, equipment, etc…



Profession :

Range :

Action : For removing tar, For the maintenance of equipment in contact with tar, For cleaning and degreasing

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