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Stainless steel cleaner

7 good reasons for using NETINOX

  1. Cleans and shines stainless steel.
  2. Contains a highly refined paraffin oil.
  3. All components have been registered for food contact applications
  4. High oxidation stability.
  5. Neutral on plastics, tiled floors and joints. Does not scratch surfaces.
  6. Facilitates sliding on surfaces.
  7. Complies with the most stringent specifications of various pharmacopoeias.



For cleaning all fingerprints, rings and diverse stains and renewing all stainless steel, shiny or satin surfaces, in a food environment.

Shines and leaves a protective long-lasting film.

Can be used on equipment for manufacturing, packaging, storage, or food industry transport: biscuit factories, canning factories, dairies, delicatessens, breweries, pharmaceutical and para-pharmaceutical industries and kitchen designers.