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Cleaner and polish for hard surfaces

7 good reasons for using NICKEL

  1. Dry-cleaning process for hard surfaces and bodywork.
  2. Cleans, protects and shines extremely dirty surfaces.
  3. Leaves a resistant film which protects treated surfaces against stains.
  4. Renews exterior plastics. Degreases glass elements.
  5. Easy and economical: only 4 wipes required to clean a medium-sized car.
  6. Cleans wheel rims without affecting light alloys and varnishes.
  7. Environment: reduces water consumption (over 150 litres of water to wash a car in an automatic car wash) ; avoids the production of waste cleaning water.



Auto body repair technicians and garage owners for vehicle cleaning.

Installers and tradespeole (e.g.: bay window and veranda installers, bathroom installers) for removing fresh glue residue and cleaning surfaces before signing-off the project.

Public agencies for cleaning of street furniture.

Can be used on all types of new or old bodywork paint, chrome, anodised aluminium, steel, plastic, plexiglass, rubber, varnished wood, modern and laminated furniture.



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Action : For polishing and protecting metal surfaces, wood…, For cleaning boats

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