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Cleans & shines stainless steel and chrome

7 good reasons for using NOVINOX

  1. Degreases and polishes in one operation. Renovates all stainless steel, chrome or nickel surfaces.
  2. Dissolves grease, oil and all dirts.
  3. Eliminates light oxidation and scale.
  4. Doesn’t leave deposits on treated surfaces and doen’t scratch surfaces.
  5. Very efficient, even at low temperatures.
  6. Complies with EC regulation 1558/2014 modifying regulation CE889/2008, for cleaning equipment classified for use with ORGANIC farming produce.
  7. Complies with the decree of 19th December 2013 modifying the decree of 8th September 8th 1999. This decree relates to procedures and products used for cleaning materials and objects destined for use with foodstuffs, products and drinks for the human and animal consumption. Mandatory rinsing.



Cleaning of stainless surfaces such as kitchen sinks, taps and external panels of extractor hoods.

Degreasing and descaling of manufacturing and storage tanks, tankers and milk tankers.

Shines up stainless steel, building and store façades.