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Cleaning for pipes with micro-organisms

7 good reasons for using O FRESH & O MARINE

  1. For cleaning and adding shine. Is ultra-powerful biosurfactants clean and scale the dirtiness, brighten toilets, in particular for enamel and taps.
  2. Anti-limescale action. The slightly acid pH of O FRESH O MARINE prevents the formation of limescale and eliminates limescale marks.
  3. Elimination of smells at their source. The specialized microorganisms digest organic matters responsible for bad smells.
  4. Persistent fragrance. Its unique cleaning fragrance cleanses, restores and indicates the cleanliness of the toilets.
  5. Maintenance of pipes and tanks. The installations are cleaned through the association of biosurfactants and microorganisms which digest the uric scale and restores the pipe flow. The active flora of tanks is enriched.
  6. Protective film. Thanks to the power of biosurfactants, it leaves an anti-redeposition protective film which facilitates future cleanings.
  7. Type of the effluent. Microorganisms and biosurfactants begin the decomposition of the dirt immediately.


Profession :

Range :

Action : For cleaning pipes and grease tanks, For cleaning lavatories

Perfume or colour : Fresh perfume or Marine perfume

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