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Immediate defrosting

7 good reasons for using PARVIT

  1. CURATIVE: Defrosts all surfaces covered with ice, snow or frost.
  2. PREVENTIVE: Reduces the adhesion of the frost considerably.
  3. SAFE DEFROSTING, acts on any surface without risk of corrosion, such as metals, chromium, aluminium, paints, wood, varnishes, rubbers (in particular door joints), ABS...
  4. It forms a protective film inside mechanisms (doors, locks, …) and avoids freezing.
  5. Safe product, leaves no stains or marks, doesn't damage tools.
  6. Practical: multi-position use: upside down or upright.
  7. Non-flammable propellent gas.



Profession :

Range :

Action : For protecting glass surfaces from freezing, For protecting cylibnders from freezing

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