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Cleaning hand paste

7 good reasons for using PATAMAIN

  1. PATAMAIN cleans efficiently all dirt such as : sludge, grease, brake dust, tar, inks, glue, paints, varnishes, putties, resins, ….
  2. Its pasty texture is creamy for a soft hand-cleaning
  3. PATAMAIN contains glyceryne which respect the epidermis.
  4. Vegetable abrasive with a creamy touch which improves the efficiency with its ‚Äėmicro-brushing‚Äô action.
  5. Leaves hands lightly scented with a fragrance of orange.
  6. Leaves hands soft after use.
  7. Ultimate biodegradability of surfactants more than 60 % (serie OECD 301).



Profession :

Range :

Action : Hand hygiene

Perfume or colour : Perfume: orange

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