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Water/oil repellent, stain resistant

7 good reasons to use PROTECT 7

  1. PROTECT 7 provides total protection for all the porous construction materials. A single product for both water and oil repellent treatment on walls, floors and roofs.
  2. PROTECT 7 may be used indoor or outdoor, on all surfaces: natural stone, concrete, terracotta, cement, interlocking paving …
  3. PROTECT 7 is an environmentally friendly, water-based product which protects surfaces from water, oil, and all types of stains insluding graffiti.
  4. PROTECT 7 is a penetrating, non film-forming product, the surface remains air and steam permeable.
  5. PROTECT 7 is totally colourless after application. It changes neither the appearance, nor the nature of the surface treated. Furthermore, it is perfectly UV resistant and does not yellow over time.
  6. PROTECT 7 delays ageing, makes upkeep easier and reduces the main causes of damage to surfaces due to atmospheric pollution, grease spots, leaks …
  7. Consists of a water-based acrylic fluorinated copolymer solution. More than 95% biodegradable according to OECD standards.



May be applied without limitation on all the following porous materials: Natural stones (limestone, marble, stoneware, slate), reconstituted and composite stone, tiles and all terracotta, architectonic concrete, prefabricated cement slabs, interlocking paving, mineral plaster, mortar (MPC).

For treating: new, old or renovated buildings, restored façades, historic monuments, pedestrian areas, garages, service stations, roofs, terraces, balconies, poolside areas, floors, stairs, kitchen countertops, grounting …


Water infiltrations:

Porous materials allow water to seep in and cause damage, erosion, stains … A PROTECT 7 treatment penetrates until the material is totally saturated. PROTECT 7 penetrates deeply into the pores of the material and thereby eliminates the harmful effects of damp. It protects from damage caused by the “freeze-thaw” cycles and also prevents the appearance of efflorescence, saltpetre, and thereby limits erosion phenomena. PROTECT 7 protection increases materials’lifespan.



Industrial activity, car exhaust fumes, acid rain... attack construction materials, dirty them and above all, reduces their resistance over time. Due to its water and oil repellent qualities, a PROTECT 7 treatment counteracts these phenomena. It renders materials more resistant to attack from atmospheric pollution and thereby ensures façades durability whilst ensuring future ease of cleaning. A vertical surface treated with PROTECT 7 becomes practically self-washing: one shower of rain can clean a large amount of dirt.

(Do not clean the treated surface with an alkaline product).



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Action : For cleaning pollution marks on monuments, For treating facades

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