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Light oil, lubricant, anti-adhesion, protection agent

7 good reasons for using PROTECT LUB

  1. Light oil for delicate degreasing requiring a clean lubricant for the food industry.
  2. Cleans, penetrates, lubricates and protects immediately.
  3. High resistance against oxidation, protects against corrosion due its hydrophobic characteristic.
  4. Thermal stability, excellent action in negative temperatures from -10¬įC to -30¬įC and positive temperatures up to +150¬įC..
  5. Silicone free : can be used in industries where silicone is prohibited.
  6. PROTECT LUB is a protection agent for stainless steel which is odourless, Pharmacopoeia quality (Codex) and in compliance with the requirements for contact with food.
  7. Excellent anti-adhesion for industries.


Profession :

Range :

Action : For unmoulding, For lubricating equipment, For protecting stainless steel