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Multi-surfaces protecter

7 good reasons for using PROTOL O

  1. Synthetic mix of non-silicone resins specially designed to create an invisible, dry, resistant, microporous film which allows treated surfaces to breathe once dry.
  2. Protects metallic surfaces from corrosion (by road salt during the winter for example) but also protects mechanical parts stored in warehouses and workshops (except aluminium and metals sensitive to alkaline detergents).
  3. PROTOL O incorporates an innovative technology which allows it to be completely removed by a strong alkaline detergent (pH>13). This property allows the user to clean the treated surface easily.
  4. Water-based, safe for the user.
  5. Powerful adhesion. The dry film sec doesn’t flake or peel. Non-greasy and non-sticky after drying.
  6. Protects surfaces from markers and paint (solvent-based or not). Protects from graffiti.
  7. The treatment ages well over several years and prevents changes in pigments and solvents contained in paints.



Protects metal, public works, agricultural equipment exposed to the weather.

Protects exposed metal on buildings, bridges, construction works.

For machine bed tools, runners, spare parts, machined mechanical parts, cutting tools, chains, precision parts.

Protects underbodies, wheel arches and vehicle chassis from damage caused by snow.



Profession :

Range :

Action : For protecting equipment against rust, For protecting parts before delivery

Perfume or colour : White liquid

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