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Fast repair strip for pipes

7 good reasons for using RAP FIX

  1. RAP FIX is a fibreglass polyurethane repair strip designed for the rapid repair of cracks and leaks in most types of pipework used in the engineering, chemistry, naval and other manufacturing industries.
  2. No mixing required. Easy to use and repaired items can be back in operation in less than thirty minutes. No need for tools.
  3. RAP FIX is a roll of fibreglass tape which, as it is flexible, is easy to apply on bends and connections.
  4. RAP FIX is 50 mm wide and can therefore be used for repairs on pipes with an exterior diameter of up to 50 mm.
  5. RAP FIX resists shocks and vibrations and pressure up to approximately 30 bars.
  6. Can be drilled and sanded after polymerisation.
  7. Can be painted.




The tape is pre-saturated with a high-performance polyurethane resin which adheres on PVC, GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic), concrete, glass and all types of metal pipes. When activated by water, it hardens to produce a solid chemical-resistant shell around the item being repair.


REPAIRS OF HOLES OR CRACKS IN ALL TYPES OF PIPES (Steel, alu, PVC, zinc, copper, galvanised iron, cast iron, stoneware,...)

INDUSTRY: anti-corrosion treatment of pipes in the petrochemical sector, repairs of pipe pumps, repairs of pipes for petrol, oil and chemical products, and repairs of water and steam circuits.

AGRICULTURE: repairs of leaks in irrigation pipeworks (resists « water hammering Â»), and irrigation booms.

MARINE: repairs of leaks in water circuits: indispensable for repairs at sea. Repairs of holes in boat hulls.

PLUMBING : PVC and copper pipes.

WATER TREATMENT PLANTS: all repairs of mains, and all types of pipes.



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