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Degreasing for electrical and electronic equipment

7 good reasons for using SX 99

  1. SX99 is a specifically designed degreaser for electrical and electronic equipment.
  2. Contains a non-flammable chlorofluorocarbonated solvent. No risk labelling.
  3. Efficient: evaporates very quickly. Leaves no residue after evaporation.
  4. Compatible with most metallic, plastic or elastomer surfaces.
  5. Compatible with oxidants, oxidising substances, EPDM and nitrile.
  6. Can be used while equipment is switched on.
  7. SX 99 has no effect on the ozone layer and has a negligible greenhouse gas effect (GWP =6.5).



Eliminates all types of pollution of electrical and electronic equipment, precision mechanics, electric clock mechanisms, measuring equipment, printed circuits, connections, fuse boxes, switches, busbars cell insulators.

Low-voltage equipment, telephones, telecommunications, as well as any electrical equipment, disconnecting switches, circuit breakers, rheostats, coils, alternators.

Equipment can be cleaned while switched on.



Profession :

Range :

Action : For degreasing switches (TV), For cleaning electrical cabinets, For cleaning burners

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